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Some agencies push products, some sell ads, we tell truths. The Truth as you know can set you free. It can hurt, it can make you laugh. It never fails to make you think and it always make you listen.


Radio  / TV Advertising

Why Radio?

The advantage radio advertising offers your business stems from its unique combination of high reach, high target ability, and low cost. When combined with the database approaches of traditional direct marketers and broadcast direct-response advertising techniques that drive response and deliver new customers, radio advertising can be – and is for many of our clients – the main engine of growth and profitability for a business.

Radio Advertising Reach

An advertising medium must reach your target customers or it provides no benefit. Radio has a wide-scale appeal to consumers. Even with the alternatives available today, listening patterns appear to be stable, indicating that radio remains a popular consumer choice. With radio, there is rarely a question of whether you’ll be able to reach your target customer

Television Advertising

Television advertising is a widely popular advertising medium for a variety of reasons. For instance, advertisers can select the time of day they want their ads to run. They can also pick the channels where they want their ads shown. Television advertising is also popular because of the visual nature of it and because it is personal. Overall, it is a still a strong and popular advertising medium.

Ability To Target

One of the major advantages of advertising on television is the unique ability that it gives you to control the broadcasting of your ads. You can vary when the ad appears during the day depending on the type of audiences that you want to reach.

 We have the option to watch different channels. These channels appeal to very distinct audiences. If a company has a product for a very specific audience, they can choose to advertise on a channel that appeals to that audience.  Television advertising has unique strengths that other vehicles do not. TV ads have the capability of using strong visual appeals and the ability to demonstrate how a product works. Also, the tone for television is generally more personal, which is helpful in gaining the attention of consumers.